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Kuala Lumpur lies in hilly country astride the confluence of the Kelang and Gombak rivers; its name in Malay means “muddy estuary.” Malaysia’s Main Range rises nearby to the north, east, and southeast. he city comprises a mixture of modern and traditional architecture; such structures as glass-and-concrete skyscrapers, elegant mosques, Chinese shop-houses (family-operated shops with the business on the ground floor and the family’s living space upstairs), squatters’ huts, and Malay stilt kampungs (“villages”) betray Western, Middle Eastern, East Asian, and local influences. While its centre along the embanked Kelang is heavily congested, its municipal area and suburbs are well planned. The commercial quarter, called the Golden Triangle, is concentrated on the river’s east side. Kuala Lumpur often abbreviated as K.L. It is the federal capital and the most popular city in Malaysia. There are plenty of tours in Kuala Lumpur catering to each individual's unique expectations and budget. From the modest beginning of a small town for tin mining, the city has developed into a huge metropolis today. For those who want to stay within the confines of the city centre, city tours takes guests on a full day trip to landmarks such as the King's Palace, Independence Square, and the iconic Petronas Twin Tower, while adventure seekers can enjoy thrilling sky and nature tours in Kuala Lumpur and beyond. The aim of this tour is to introduce you the past, present and future of Kuala Lumpur. You will cover the main tourist spots as listed.

5star hotels in Kuala Lumpur "These tours also provide visitors the opportunity to embark beyond Kuala Lumpur, where they can explore the neighbouring highlands, visit an elephant sanctuary, or enjoy a unique Dutch heritage trail in Malacca. Besides these active and leisure trips, our Kuala Lumpur tours section consists of efficient airport transfers from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to your selected hotel or, if you prefer exploring according to your own pace, then renting a car in Kuala Lumpur is your best bet. Kuala Lumpur is a great city, but to grasp more of the local vibe, you should head to the villages close to it as well. Your local host can bring you to some of the best out there like the Kampung traditional village. On your tour you’ll be able to experience the local lifestyle and do many of the activities that the real Malaysian people do in their day to day lives. Your host will give you all the information you need and tell you lots of fun stories about their customs and traditions. You can leave there as an expert in Malaysian cultural habits! Eat like a local while you sample a variety of Malaysian dishes during this private 2-hour evening tour. Let a personal guide introduce you to Kuala Lumpur’s diverse cuisine as you savor the flavors of delicious bites at street stalls, food courts, and night markets. You’ll learn about KL’s Indian, Chinese, and Malay culinary influences.

Batu Caves and Malaysian Crafts Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Escape the urban landscapes and leave the streets of Malaysia’s capital city behind on this Batu Caves and Malaysian Crafts Tour from Kuala Lumpur. Visit one of the nation’s most beloved shrines, located in the Batu Caves, and see how two of the country’s traditional crafts are made during stops at the Royal Selangod Pewter factory and a batik center. Choose from a morning or afternoon tour and enjoy round-trip transportation.

For such a frenetic city, KL has an uncanny way of charming its visitors. Of course, the food helps: the sheer variety of delicious dining options that reflect the very best of Malaysian cuisine. But it's more than that. It's the way the city has embraced modernity with its towering skyscrapers and technological connectivity, all while retaining a deeply entrenched adherence to the traditional customs and religions of its residents. Beyond the traffic and malls there is a complex cultural patchwork formed of distinct, coexisting communities, united by the warm welcome extended to guests.

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