Hong Kong’s a great city for an adventurous eater. Hong Kong’s enchanting neighbourhoods and islands offer a sensory feast. Stop at a street vendor for fish balls on a stick or stinky tofu. Bakeries offer wife cake, pineapple buns and egg tarts. Or opt for as much dim sum as you can eat. If you’re tired of local and regional Chinese specialties, check out upscale offerings from some of the world’s top chefs, like Joel Robouchon and Alain Ducasse. Hong Kong has many sides to its complex personality and it’s not every visitor who takes the time to explore these to their fullest. Come and discover a different side to the city with this series of tours that reveal its local foodie secrets or show you what cultural artefacts exist on its doorstep. These one-off special interest adventures will make your holiday unforgettable!

You may find yourself swaying along on a historic double-decker tram, cheering with the hordes at the city-centre horse races, or simply gazing out at the glorious harbour. Over 70% of Hong Kong is mountains and sprawling country parks, some also home to geological and historical gems. Escape the city limits on one of the world’s smoothest transport systems and spend your day wandering in a Song-dynasty village, hiking on a deserted island or kayaking among volcanic sea arches.

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Take a day tour to experience the true diversity of Hong Kong, where myths inhabit mountain peaks and legends live among towering skyscrapers. From the breathtaking skyline of Hong Kong Island to the rustic villages and forested mountain ranges of the New Territories, explore Asia’s world city by day to experience all it has to offer. From off-the-rack Chinese gowns to bespoke speciality knives (and vice versa), the sheer variety of products in Hong Kong’s shops is dizzying. Every budget, need and whim is catered for in ‘can do’ spirit by a similarly impressive assortment of venues – glitzy malls where the moneyed shop, chic side-street boutiques and vintage dens where fashionistas find their gems, nerdy gadget bazaars, and a mix of markets where you can haggle to your heart’s content. The city has no sales tax so prices are generally attractive to visitors.

Hong Kong puts on another face at nightfall and switches into a completely different gear. The bustling metropolis is famed for its hard-working people, but come the evening, and you can find many of those same city slickers seeking out some equally-as-hard playing time out on the town. Thanks to its sub-tropical climate, people can always be found thronging the streets of Asia’s world city, very often well into the wee hours of the morning. Experience what the city has to offer after the sun tucks itself away by climbing aboard a romantic evening harbour cruise, checking out the view from The Peak after dark, or dining at a famous floating restaurant with old fishing communities as your backdrop.

One of the world’s top culinary capitals, the city that worships the God of Cookery has many a demon in the kitchen, whether the deliciousness in the pot is Cantonese, Sichuanese, Japanese or French. So deep is the city’s love of food and so broad its culinary repertoire that whatever your gastronomic desires, Hong Kong will find a way to sate them. The answer could be a bowl of wonton noodles, freshly steamed dim sum, a warm pineapple bun wedged with butter, a pair of the sweetest prawns, your first-ever stinky tofu, or the creations of the latest celebrity chef.

The energetic Victoria Harbour is truly Hong Kong’s lifeline, and with its constant parade of vessels and breathtaking surrounding scenery, a harbour cruise is a must-do on any trip to Hong Kong. Step aboard for a journey into the true heart of Asia’s world city. Great savings on hotels in Hong Kong, Hong Kong online. Good availability and great rates. Readhotel reviews and choose the best hotel deal for your stay. Underneath the glass and steel of Hong Kong’s commercial persona is a dynamic cultural landscape where its Chinese roots, colonial connections and the contributions of its home-grown talent become intertwined. Here you’re just as likely to find yourself applauding at Asia’s top film festival as joining in dawn taichi or reading the couplets of a local poet to the drumbeat of a dragon boat. Culture could also mean indie music by the harbour or Chinese opera in a bamboo theatre, not to mention the thousands of shows staged year-round at the city’s many museums and concert halls.

hotels in Hong KongOnly spending a few hours in Hong Kong is no excuse to sit around the airport missing out on a taste of local culture. Wherever you’re travelling to, make a pit stop into Asia’s world city for a short tour! And waived departure tax for same-day transit and transfer passengers only sweetens the deal. Hong Kong has a complexity that defies definition. It’s the only place where I can be searching for colonial military relics near the Chinese border, lunching with a Buddhist at a Sikh temple, trying to decipher the aesthetics of Chinese Revival architecture, or splurging on a set of knives – all within five hours – followed by a night of Cantonese opera, karaoke or poetry, anywhere I choose. Hong Kong is so intense and so full of possibilities that I’m glad there’s the rule of law (and an awesome transport system) to stop it from whirling into chaos.

The last of the colonies from which the British relinquished power, Hong Kong has its own charm with its British administrative style, though culturally closer to its parent country China. Hong Kong holidays are not only about skyscrapers, shopping and food as much talked about throughout the world, there are a lot of other things to explore in the city. There are beautiful beaches in the vicinity of the place. You can visit beaches like Cheung Sha, Tai Long Van, Turtle Beach, Cheung Chau Windsurf Beach, Hung Shing Yeh and Big Wave bay. Looking for a cheap hotel in Hong Kong? Check out our amazing selection of hotels to match your budget & save with our Price Match Guarantee.
Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island is another must not miss attraction. Night Market at Temple Street is pulls a great many shoppers towards itself. Man Mo temple, the oldest in Hong Kong is dedicated to the gods of literature and war, presenting dichotomous necessities of existence. Our Hong Kong tour packages are designed in a way to suit all the needs of an adventurer as well of a city dwelling shopaholic. Book your Hotel in Hong Kong online. No reservation costs. Great rates.

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